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Dr. Sharon Cowden

Sharon Cowden is a mother, grandmother, avid golfer, pediatrician and a breast cancer survivor. She has published two articles about her difficulty with recovery from breast cancer treatment. The articles, published in Cancer, are “An Unforgettable Surgery” and “Problems Getting Back in the Swing after Breast Cancer”. She is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and completed her pediatric residency at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC Health System. She is a member of the Children’s Community Pediatrics – Pittsburgh Pediatrics.

Sharon was treated for breast cancer in 2002. That same year, she began working with Janette Poppenberg, an ACSM/ACS certified Cancer Exercise Trainer®, to regain her upper body strength and flexibility, which had been diminished by her treatment. From their shared experience, Sharon and Janette created Strength & Courage to help other survivors in their recovery.

Janette Poppenberg

Janette Poppenberg is an ACSM/ACS certified Cancer Exercise Trainer®. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Pennsylvania State University. Prior to starting her career as a private personal trainer, she served as director of several health and fitness clubs in the Pittsburgh area and as the director of corporate wellness for Managed Care of America.

Janette met Sharon Cowden when Sharon hired her to help her regain her strength and flexibility following breast cancer surgery. Although not a breast cancer survivor herself, Janette lost a cousin to breast cancer in 2003.

Strength & Courage

Regain Your Health Through Exercise

The exercises presented in Strength & Courage are an integral part of an effective breast cancer rehabilitation program. We now also offer a new Spanish-language edition, titled Fuerza & Valentía. Each version is available via DVD or digital download.



Recuperar su salud a través del ejercicio Los ejercicios presentados en Fuerza & valentía son una parte integral de un programa de rehabilitación eficaz del cáncer de mama. Disponible como DVD o descarga digital.

Fuerza & Valentia

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